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Time Warner Cable Introduces Hospitality Solutions; Road Runner Business Class Provides High-Speed Internet Connections to the Hotel Industry [16th December 2003]

HERNDON, Va., Dec 16, 2003 (BUSINESS WIRE) -- Time Warner Cable today announced the launch of its Road Runner Business Class Hospitality Solutions, a comprehensive offering that provides hotels and motels with high-speed Internet connections for their guests.

The Road Runner Business Class solution is designed to leverage existing wiring within hotels and provides users with a high-speed connection by simply connecting via data modem or Ethernet. The service can be installed quickly and cost-efficiently, typically in less than two days with very little disruption to the hotel.

"Hotels are competing more than ever for the customer's travel dollars," says Ken Fitzpatrick, senior vice president of Time Warner Cable Commercial Services. "Offering amenities like high-speed Internet connectivity gives hotels a competitive advantage over those who don't - particularly when catering to the business traveler."

Guests can enjoy a fast, easy Internet connection that is always on, providing a continuous connection and no delay in e-mails. They simply plug in their laptops without any need to change computer settings, and can be online quickly. An 800 number to Road Runner's Business Class 24/7 support is placed in each guest room for direct access to customer service, connecting the guest directly to help when they need it.

Early installations of Road Runner Business Class Hospitality Solutions include hotels in New York City, Cincinnati, Charlotte, Kansas City and Honolulu.

Other services provided by Time Warner Cable's Road Runner Business Class include:

Access -- A core solution, providing always-on Internet access up to 100 times faster than dial-up modems. Tiered and dedicated service options are available.

Dedicated Access Solutions -- High-bandwidth fiber connectivity for enterprises including point-to-point, point to multipoint, teleworker aggregation and Internet access.

E-mail Solutions -- Offering a range of options - from standard and vanity POP3 e-mail to vanity Webmail, featuring e-mail access from any Internet-enabled computer. The e-mail travels on a proprietary backbone, avoiding Internet traffic delays.

Domain Name Services -- Conducting fast, comprehensive searches of possible domain names and then registering the available choice. Domain parking allows multiple domain names to function as one. There is also an option for easy self-management and unlimited updating of IP designations for complex Web/e-mail/FTP configurations.

Web Hosting -- Providing a plan based on Web space required by the site, expected traffic and platform of choice. The account can be set-up within 24 hours with full help-desk support as well as updating and security features.

Managed Security -- Connecting the main business location with teleworkers and branch office locations. The system cost-effectively brings together all features of a Virtual Private Network: encryption, user authentication, firewall access controls and secure point-to-point "tunneling" of data packets. Data cannot be read by anyone but those authorized and connected through the system. For an extra measure of security, Managed Security also can include proactive security monitoring and periodic vulnerability assessments.

Managed Remote Storage -- Protection of files from viruses, system crashes, and other disasters. It initially saves and stores all designated files on a secure, remote server, then regularly and automatically backs up any files worked on since the last backup. Retrieval is as easy as entering a URL and secure password from any Internet-enabled computer - anytime, anywhere.

Dial Access -- Internet access for traveling professionals, enabling users to dial into a local access number for anytime, anywhere access to the Internet as well as the organization's Road Runner Business Class E-mail.

Static IP -- With Static IP, a business can retain its IP address regardless of any changes in outside network designations. Customer access cannot be derailed and there is no need to alert end-users of a new IP. Static IP enables businesses to issue individual employees private IP addresses that lie behind a business' main IP, which ultimately provides easier management of Internet and e-mail access.

About Road Runner Business Class

Road Runner Business Class, a service of Time Warner Cable, is the nation's number one commercial cable broadband solutions provider for every business - from home-based to the enterprise. Road Runner Business Class offers a network different from the telephone companies to support critical applications for commercial locations. Road Runner Business Class solutions are available in major U.S. urban and suburban areas, and are supported by Time Warner Cable and Bright House Networks divisions nationwide.

SOURCE: Time Warner Cable

Time Warner Cable
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