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C I Host Releases ColoMonster, Version 2.0 [8th December 2003]

New Colocation Client Portal Expands Customer Management Abilities

BEDFORD, TX (December 8, 2003) - C I Host, a global leader in Web hosting and Internet infrastructure, has released a new version of its popular ColoMonster that will allow customers to completely manage their colocation server through a Web-based portal.

"We give our customers the information they want, when they want it, in the easiest possible form," said Christopher Faulkner, CEO of C I Host. "This is another way we put our customers first and continually strive to improve our customers' online experience."

New features in ColoMonster 2.0 allow customers to:
a.. Create trouble tickets
b.. Monitor trouble tickets
c.. Make DNS and MX record changes
d.. Request reboots
e.. Request pricing on new services through original sales person
f.. Request admin time (remote eyes and hands)
g.. View contracts
h.. Request bandwidth audit
i.. Request credit or report downtime
j.. Arrange data center tour
k.. View real-time network status
l.. View real-time server health

ColoMonster 2.0 is available to all new and existing customers free of charge. Colocation customers can log in to ColoMonster at http://colocatedservers.cihost.com.

C I Host's products and services are tailor-made for the small and medium sized business market. Its "Monster" services, including MonsterControlsD, allow anyone to handle most of the administrative functions of their Web site without going to the expense of an IT department.

With more than 200,000 customers in 182 countries around the globe, C I Host offers a broad array of Web-hosting options, a robust, redundant network, geographic load balancing and one of the most transparent, profitable reseller programs in the industry.

C I Host prides itself on customer service and maintains a consistently low churn rate.

--About C I Host--

C I Host (www.cihost.com), based in the Dallas/Fort Worth market, is a Web hosting and Internet solutions provider, domain name registrar (DNR) and application service provider (ASP) serving 200,000 individual consumers and businesses in 182 countries worldwide.

C I Host creates business-class Web hosting solutions for the small- and medium-enterprise (SME) market, with the broadest portfolio of managed hosting and value-added services in the industry. C I Host is accredited by ICANN to register domain names.

C I Host is HIPAA-compliant and has passed the SAS70 audit.

C I Host has been ranked #1 in speed by the Adoloma Web Hosting Guide. C I Host has been consistently ranked among the Top 5 Web hosting companies out of 16,000 around the globe by c|net's Ultimate Web Host List, HostPulse, WebHostsOnline.com and HostChart.com. C I Host was named among the Top 25
Web hosting companies by HostIndex.com.

C I Host offers turn-key services ranging from initial domain name registration to custom dedicated servers for e-commerce on today's Web. The company offers innovative packages and services to the Internet community.

C I Host operates three diverse data centers across the United States, with its main facility and Network Operations Center in Bedford, Texas. C I Host also has offices in Los Angeles, New York, Chicago and London.

All telco-grade, tier-1 data centers are wholly owned and operated by C I Host and consist of redundant diesel generator backups and a temperature-controlled secure environment with fully redundant UPS capability. All server hardware is fully tested and configured for optimal performance. Daily Web server backups and full fire protection guard against any data loss. To deliver speed and reliability, C I Host's servers are connected to two OC-12 fiber connections, five DS-3 and two OC-3 lines from five diverse Internet backbones for a total of more than 2.6 Gigabits of
available bandwidth.


Editorial Contact:

D. Kent Pingel
Public Relations Director
C I Host
888-868-9931 ext. 7006



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