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sensorProbe8™ - Intelligent 8 port remote monitoring device [2nd April 2003]

AKCP Co., Ltd. a Thailand based company that provides easy-to-use, web-enabled products for remote environmental monitoring, announces the release of its latest product in the sensorProbe family of environmental monitoring devices; The sensorProbe8

The sensorProbe8 is a low cost, monitoring device, with 8 sensor ports for sale at just $645.00 including a 1 foot temperature sensor. AKCP’s products are designed to monitor valuable infrastructure environmental conditions, power and security.

AKCP’s Ethernet-enabled sensorProbe8 is an ultra-compact, stand-alone monitoring device, which protects critical resources from environmental and physical threats. Computer Rooms, Server Rooms, Network closets, Cabinet and Enclosure racks form the key assets of the Data center and Computer Organization. As these rooms are often unattended they must be monitored on a 24 x 7 basis to prevent disaster.

The SP8 is a handy compact device. It features the capability of plugging in any of the intelligent sensors from AKCP into any of the 8 ports. This includes Temperature, Humidity, Airflow, Water Detector, Voltage, Security and Dry Contact, etc. The SP8 connects directly to a standard 10 BaseT network via a built in RJ45 socket. It comes with an enhanced web interface for easy navigation.

An optional 1U rackmount kit is also available.

The SP8 has user settable thresholds for each sensor that will alarm and notify users. For example, if a server room or rack
enclosure is tampered with, in an overheating situation, has experienced a loss of air flow, or there is a water leakage, the
SP8 sends out an alarm. User can select the alert type including E-mail, SMS, or SNMP trap.

The sensorProbe8 is supplied with a MIB to allow its interface to SNMP based Network Management systems such as HP
OpenView®, IBM Tivoli®, What's Up Gold and others.

The sensorProbe8, has many advanced features, will fulfill most customers monitoring needs, while still fitting into tight
budgets. The device will fit in small server/computer rooms, institutions, Data Centers, Rackmount Monitoring, or any critical area in which environmental and power conditions must be monitored and controlled at strict levels.

About AKCP Inc.

AKCP, Inc. established in 1981 has been the leading global provider of IP-based intelligent monitoring solutions. Over 1000
organizations use the AKPC solution, which prevents disaster and secure their infrastructure by providing early warning of
conditions that threaten the integrity of a company's data and assets. AKCP’s customer base includes the Rakmount Industry,
Corporate Data Centers and wiring closets, Educational Institutions, Food and Beverage Industry, Department of Defense.For more details mail us at nash@akcpinc.com

For more information: http://www.akcpinc.com


akcp inc
Bangalore , Karnataka 560038 India




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