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SWsoft Announces General Availability of Virtuozzo for Windows; Powerful Virtualization Solution Now Available for Windows Hosting [June 29, 2005]

Virtuozzo for Windows Empowers Service Providers with a Complete Continuum of Profitable Service Offerings

Herndon, VA — June 29, 2005 – Today, SWsoft, an established leader in server automation and virtualization software, announced the general availability of Virtuozzo for Windows. Virtuozzo is a high performance server virtualization solution that creates multiple isolated Virtual Private Servers (VPSs) on a single physical server to maximize hardware, software and administrative resource utilization. For service providers, Virtuozzo for Windows expands the ability to create and support a wide range of hosting options including popular and profitable services such as Virtual Private Servers, Dynamic Server, Dynamic Dedicated Servers, Split Dedicated and Shared Servers.

“By offering both Windows and Linux support, we are the only company that delivers a high performance, multi-platform server virtualization solution for service providers,” said Serguei Beloussov, Chairman and CEO, SWsoft. “Our commitment to quality for this release included four complete beta cycles spanning one year, extensive stability testing and dozens of early adopter hosters in production. In addition to enhanced integration with Plesk, HSPcomplete and PEM, Virtuozzo will evolve to include additional operating system support, next-generation Intel and AMD technologies, and high availability clustering and failover solutions.”

“We have seen strong traction in our Virtual Dedicated Servers powered by Virtuozzo for Linux and we have been eagerly anticipating Virtuozzo for Windows to offer our customers," said Bob Parsons, president and founder of The Go Daddy Group. ”With Virtuozzo, our customers can power their virtual dedicated servers with Plesk so that the server wholly fits their needs"

“Virtuozzo has become a mainstay in our product offering because it’s the most advanced server virtualization technology available,” said Jeff Reinis, vice president product management, The Planet. “Our customers have quickly benefited by adding popular services such as VPS, dynamic dedicated servers (DDS), split shared and split dedicated servers and are now looking forward to offering Virtuozzo more broadly.“

"We are pleased to announce the selection of Virtuozzo for Windows for the deployment of our new SightMaxVPS Live Chat Hosting Service, written for Microsoft Windows using .NET technology," said Eric Weber, CEO, SmartMax Software, Inc (www.smartmax.com). "By utilizing the power of Virtuozzo for Windows, customers of SightMaxVPS Live Chat are able to have their own unique virtual private server with independent access and centralized control."

A New Windows Hosting Standard with Virtuozzo
SWsoft already powers more than 100,000 servers and more than 250,000 VPSs worldwide. Virtuozzo for Windows fully supports .NET, Exchange, SQL Server, SharePoint and IIS, and is the only true VPS technology on the market offering a full spectrum of service offerings including:

• True VPS – Offer VPSs more cheaply and easily for customers looking for an alternative to dedicated servers coupled with self management, browser-based backup and recovery Virtuozzo Power Panels.
• Advanced Shared – Provide shared hosting from VPS with Quality of Services, customized application sets, seamless scalability and optional root control level, while keeping profit margins and automation at the same levels.
• Split Dedicated – Offer Virtuozzo VPS powered servers that are easily controlled by Virtuozzo Management Console for customers and resellers to generate better revenues and profits per server and per customer while decreasing datacenter costs and capital expenses.
• Dynamic Dedicated – Serve one dedicated customer on a single VPS server with advanced self management, backup and recovery Virtuozzo Power Panels, eliminate the danger of DDoS and easily migrate customers between physical servers for planned downtime and upgrades.
• Split Shared – Offer a split server running 1000s of shared hosting accounts putting them into several VPSs to avoid server-wide DoS attacks. Migrate VPSs with multiple accounts at once between physical servers for load balancing and unplanned downtime; use convenient Virtuozzo Power Panel for backup and recovery.
• Server Consolidation – Consolidate billing, domain management, mail, provisioning, control panel, backup and other systems into a smaller number of better utilized servers delivering higher service levels. Manage through a variety of web-based, client and command line tools.

For service providers, Virtuozzo for Windows offers the benefits of Virtuozzo for Linux including complete platform parity, API, command line, GUI and web-based tools. In addition, Virtuozzo for Windows is transparently integrated with Plesk, HSPcomplete and PEM to enable complete hosting automation and virtualization solutions.

Virtuozzo for Windows Availability
The final release of Virtuozzo for Windows is immediately available and can be downloaded for evaluation. To purchase or to receive more information about this release, visit http://www.sw-soft.com/en/products/virtuozzo/hsp/windows/.

About SWsoft
SWsoft is the recognized leader in server automation and virtualization software for service providers and enterprises. With more than 10,000 customers in over 100 countries, SWsoft offers comprehensive solutions—integrated through FUSION- including Virtuozzo, Plesk, PEM, HSPcomplete and SiteBuilder to deliver proven performance, reliability, manageability and value. Headquartered in Herndon, VA, with offices around the world; SWsoft is a privately held, high growth company funded by Insight Venture Partners, Bessemer Venture Partners and Intel Capital. For more information, visit www.sw-soft.com.

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