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Verio Warms Up for UEFA EURO 2004™ European Football Kick Off With Increased Server Capability [June 11, 2004]

Verio Scales Its Global Content Distribution and Data Replication Capabilities with Network Appliance's Caching Technology on euro2004.com Website

Englewood, Colo., June 11, 2004 - Verio, a subsidiary of NTT Communications and a leader in global IP solutions, today announced increased content distribution and data replication services for the euro2004.com website. As Official IT Partner for the UEFA EURO 2004™ tournament-which kicks off Saturday, June 12 in Portugal-Verio Europe provides the technology used to support the euro2004.com web site during the tournament. Verio will be working with Network Appliance to deliver data streaming content and on-demand viewing in real time via the NTT/VERIO Smart Content Delivery™ (SCD) network.

Verio will use the Network Appliance content delivery and technology distribution solution to optimize server capability during the tournament. The Network Appliance technology will ensure that during peak traffic, performance on the site is not compromised. Network Appliance DataFabric Manager will monitor appliance performance and pre-populate content into NetCache devices that cache and deliver content from the edge of the network. Network Appliance will also be responsible for disaster recovery, data management services, data replication, and storage solutions on the site.

The euro2004.com website will offer multi-media content that will deliver the excitement of the tournament experience to viewers around the world. Viewers can see a wide variety of tournament information and content including audio round-up shows, audio streaming of live matches, match reports and replays, photo galleries, and video clips. With the advanced features of the Verio SCD service, football fans will be able to view part of the content for free. Special content, such as live match broadcasts and video highlights, will be available for paying subscribers. “Network Appliance's flexible approach enables us to place multiple NetCaches around the world without needing staff to manage the equipment locally,” said Moos Bulder, president of Verio Europe. “This enables us to easily scale the service as the demand peaks and throughout the tournament.”

The reliability and scalability of the NetCache appliances and content delivery solutions helps enable Verio to deliver a world-class broadcast event to meet the intense demands of European football fans and paying subscribers. “With a global fan base in the millions, the euro2004.com portal provides a fantastic online experience for European football fans, all on a real-time basis,” said Pat Linehan, senior vice president and general manager EMEA, Network Appliance. “We are delighted to be working with Verio on this project in addition to our continued relationship to provide storage solutions for a wide range of business applications services around the world.”

More information on the EURO 2004 can be found at http://verio.co.uk/euro2004/introduction.php

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