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Domain Name Back Ordering Companies

domain name back ordering
SnapNames.com - Secure Your Domain
The SnapBack® back-ordering system helps you secure desired domain names and protect the names you already have, all for only $69 a year. SnapBack can also minimize or avert unintended loss of a domain name, and thus of vital e-commerce functions.
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NameWinner.com - back ordering domain names
Thousands of valuable domain names expire every day and the competition for their registration is intense. Until now only a few select groups have had the time and resources to grab them the instant they become available. NameWinner changes this by providing everyone with access to our fast, easy and reliable, risk-free way of registering domains the INSTANT they expire!
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Pool.com - domain name back ordering
Pool.com let's you backorder your .com .net .org .info
.biz .ca .co.uk domains, risk free. There are no upfront fees or any other hidden charges.
best back ordering service
Is the Domain Name you want already taken? Introducing Next Registration Rights. Get the domain name you want when it becomes available. Only $39 per snapped domain.
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DropWizard.com - back order domain names
DropWizard.com - Catching dropping domain names. Pay for success only. There is no risks involved. First come first serve.
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GoDaddy.com - Domain name back ordering has never been that cheap and simple. For less than $20 per year you can back order a domain name and even switch to a different one if you change your mind.

Comparison Table

domain name back ordering
domain name
back ordersback ordersback orders

* Pay Per Snap - You only pay for every successfully snapped domain name.
** Pay Per Year - You can bid on 1 domain for 1 year. Switching the domain snapping service to a different domain name is possible.
*** All fees include the domain name registration fee for the domain for 1 year.

Rating: Please note that cheaper services can't usually keep up with the more expensive ones. Pool, DropWizard and NameWinner are good examples. The more you bid the more often the web server checks if the domain name is available. This means the more you pay the higher your chances of getting the domain name are.
To almost guarantee the snapping of a valuable domain name it is highly recommended to use more than one of the above domain name back ordering solutions. This means you should for example use SnapNames, Pool, NameWinner, and DropWizard for a total of $69. (Remember: you only pay for Pool, NameWinner, and DropWizard if they snap the domain name.)
Expirefish.com does not seem to snap many domain names. Use it as a back up for a valuable domain. Nothing is worse than getting a good domain name snapped away just because you wanted to save $20.

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